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Both Indian and foreign journals subscribed are displayed in the shelves. At present 135 journals are subscribed by the library. A journal on completion of its volume will be processed for binding. After the binding is over, the volume will be accessioned and added to the Back-Volume Shelf.

S.No. Branch Titles Amount
01 Civil  Engineering 30 74,550
02 Mechanical Engineering 06 16,059
03 Electrical & Electronics Engg. 06 8,840
04 Electronics and Communication Engineering 06 14,245
05 Computer science & Engineering 24 59,650
06 Computer science & Engineering-AIML 12 30,857.50
07 Computer science & Engineering-Data Science 11 30,697.50
08 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning(AIML) 10 29,987.50
09 Information Technology 12 28,595
10 Science & Humanities 06 15520
11  Management Studies(MBA) 12 26,350
Total 135 3,35,352
Civil Engineering (UG)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 NDC-WWC Journal
2 Indian Highway + Journal of the Indian Roads Congress
3 AMC Indian Journal of Civil Engineering
4 I Manager’s Journal  on Civil Engineering
5 I Manager’s Journal  on Structural Engineering
6 IUP Journal of Structural Engineering
7 Journal of Rural Development
8 The Indian Concrete Journal
9 International Journal of Process Wastes Treatment
10 International Journal of Sustainable  Civil Engineering
11 Journal of Information Knowledge and Research in Civil Engineering
12 Indian Infrastructure
13 International  Journal of Transportation Engineering and Traffic System
14 Indian Journal of Geo synthesis and Ground Improvement
15 ISRM Journal
16 INCOLD Journal
17 IASH  journal
18 Inventi Impact:Civil Engineering
M.E. Construction Management(Civil – PG)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 NICMAR Journal  of Construction Management
2 Journal of Institution of Engineers( India) Series -A
3 International Journal of Civil Engineering
4 International Journal of  Construction Engineering and Planning
5 International Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction Technology
6 Civil Engineering and Construction Review
Structural Engineering(Civil – PG)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 International Journal of Concrete Technology
2 International Journal of Civil, Structural,  Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering  Research and  Development
3 Inventi Impact:Structure and Design
4 Journal of Structural Technology
5 IUP Journal of Structural Engineering
6 Journal of Structural Engineering
7 Journal of Structural Engineering & Management
Mechanical Engineering (UG)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 Foundry : Indian Journal of  Progressive Metal  – Casters
2 I Manager’s Journal on Material Science
3 I Manager’s Journal on  Mechanical Engineering
4 ISST Journal of Mechanical Engineering
5 IUP Journal of mechanical Engineering
6 Journal of Institution of engineers  –  Series – D
7 Advances in Indian fluid  Engineering
8 Journal of Indian  Mechanical Engineering
9 International Journal of  Fluid Mechanics
10 International Journal of Advanced Mechatronics and Robotics
11 Cooling India
12 Progress in Machines and Systems
13 Transactions on Machine Design
14 Equipments India
15 International Journal of Thermal Advanced In Thermal Science
16 Journal of Manufacturing Engineering
17 Defense Science Journal
18 Manufacturing Technology Today
19 International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development(IJMPERD)
20 Asian Review of Mechanical Engineering
21 International Journal of Robotics and Automation
22 Journal Information Knowledge & Research in Mechanical Engg.
23 Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
24 Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technology
25 Journal of Automobile Engineering
26 Journal of Nana Technology & Application
27 International Journal of  Mechanical Engineering
28 International Journal of Metallurgical, Materials and Chemical Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering(UG)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 Power Engineering Journal
2 Electrical India
3 IEEMA Journal
4 IUP Journal of electrical & Electronics Engineering
5 CIGRE Journal
6 I- Manager’s Journal of Power Systems Engineering
M.E. Power Electronics (EEE-P.G.)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 Teri Information Digest on Energy and Envrionment
2 ISST Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
3 I-Manager’s Journal on Electrical Engineering
4 I-Manager’s Journal on Circuits and Systems
5 Journal of Energy Storage and Conversion
6 Inventi Impact: Power Electronics
7 International Journal of  Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering(UG)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 Communications Today
2 IUP Journal of Telecommunications
3 I Manager’s Journal on Wireless Engineering
4 Electronics for you
5 I Manager’s Journal on Digital Signal Processing
6 Journal of Aero Space sciences and Technologies
7 I Manager’s Journal on Electronics Engineering
8 I- Manager’s Journal on Embedded Systems
9 I- Manager’s Journal on  Digital Image Processing
10 Voice & Data
11 IETE Journal of Research
12 IETE Technical Review
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 Boradcast & Cablesat
2 Inventi Impac:Antennas & Propogation
3 Inventi Impact: Wirelss Communication and Networking
4 International Journal of Advances of VLSI Design
5 I- Manager’s Journal on Mobile Technologies
6 Signals and Telecommunication Journal
Computer Science And Engineering (U G)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 I Manager’s Journal  on Software Engineering
2 Open Source For You
3 Digit
4 IUP Journal of Computer Science
5 IUP Journal of Information Technology
6 Journal of Computer Science –  Karpagam
7 Oriental Journal of  Computer Science & Technology
8 I- Manager’s Journal on Cloud Computing
9 I- Manager’s Journal on Pattern Recognisation
10 Journal of Information Knowledge and Computer and Res. In Computer Science( AES Pub.)
11 Inventi Impact: Software Engineering
12 International Journal of Computational Linguistics Research
13 International Journal of web Applications
14 Journal of Digital Information Management
15 Journal of Information Security Research
16 Journal of Multimedia Processing and Technologies
17 Journal of Networking Technology
18 Indian Journal of Computer Science
E. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE-PG)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 Journal of Web Engineering and Technology
2 Journal of Computer Technology & Applications
3 International Journal of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
4 International Journal of Computer Science and Communication
5 Journal on Computer Science (JCOM)
6 International Journal of Computer Engineering
Information Technology (U G)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 I Manager’s Journal on Information Technology
2 Journal of Advanced Research in Information Technology Systems Management
3 Journal of Advanced Research in Networking and Communication Engineering
4 Journal of Android and IOS Applications and Testing
5 Journal of Information Technology and Sciences
6 Journal of Computer Based Parallel Programming
7 Express computer
8 International Journal of Information Retrieval
9 Journal of Information Technology and Engineering
10 International Journal of Data Analysis and Information Systems
11 International Journal of Information and Communication Technologies
12 International journal of Advanced Research in computer Science
Science & Humanities
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 Indian Journal Of Physics
2 Indian Journal of Applied Mathematical Analysis
3 IUP Journal of Soft Skills
4 Journal of Modern Chemistry & Chemical Technology
5 Journal of  English  and Literature
6 International Journal of mathematics and Computing Applications Research
Master of Business Administration (M B A)
S. No. Title of the Journal
1 Indian Management
2 IUP Journal of Management Research
3 Indian Journal of Finace
4 Indian Journal of Marketing
5 Arthashastra : Indian Journal of Economics & Research
6 IUP Journal  of Entrepreneurship and development
7 IUP Journal of  Brand  Management
8 Finance India
9 IUP Journal of  Business strategy
10 IUP Journal of  Supply Chain Management
11 Abhigyan
12 Gitam Journal of Management
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