LORDS Richie Rich

LORDS Richie Rich

LORDS Richie Rich

Type of the event: Lords Year End Bonanza for Students & Faculty

Title of the event: Who Wants To Be A LORDS Richie Rich

Resource Person:Mr. Nomaan Abdul Majeed – CMO Lords College, Associate Director E Cell/TBI, Faculty MBA Startup Professional

Description about the event (50 Words):
Department of Management Studies LSB conducted Who Wants To Be A Richie Rich Event for Students & Faculty. The year-end Bonanza was a first of it’s kind initiative by Lords Management to reward and motivate the eco system on campus. The event witnessed huge turnout of over 1000 student contestants vying to be in the HOT SEAT. With zeal and transparency, qualifying rounds were conducted for 8 engineering departments. There were 2 winners selected from each department, 16 Finalists from Students played Who Wants to be A LORDS Richie Rich. Faculty round contestants were 12 and they displayed zeal and played with caution to WIN ‘The Fastest Finger First”. Enthusiastic audience witnessed a scintillating display and awesome ambience. Everyone present watched the contestants play.Nonetheless, Audience also got a chance to win gift hampers and participate in audience poll, which helped contestants to win and move forward in competition
“Students Winners:”
1) Mr. Sufiyan Bader , ECE – 5000 Rs
2) Mr.Hamza Ahmed Sulthan, CSE – 2500 Rs
3) Mohd Shoeb Nawaz Khan (Mech) – 2000 Rs
“Faculty Winners:”
1) Dr. Santhan Kumar, HoD, EEE – 2500 Rs
2) Dr. Abdul Rasool MD, HoD, CSE-AIML – 2500 Rs

Organized by : Master of Business Administration

Date of event: 20/12/2022 to 22/12/2022

No.of students/participants registered: 1000

Audience: 300

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