Guest Lecture on “Cognizance Program on Software Testing”

Guest Lecture on “Cognizance Program on Software Testing”

Guest Lecture on “Cognizance Program on Software Testing”

Type of event: Guest Lecture

Title of the event: Guest Lecture on “Cognizance Program on Software Testing”

Speaker: Mr. Nagulameera Shaik (CEO & Director of ZTOH India ITES PVT LTD)

Department of CSE and allied branches conducted an expert lecture on “Cognizance Program on Software Testing”, sponsored by for the CSE students of 3rd year and 2nd year.The speaker, Mr. Nagulameera Shaik, CEO & Director of ZTOH India ITLES Pvt Ltd. Along with this HR Mr. Mannu engaged the session. The session started with the importance of testing. What is testing? Why testing is important for Projects and also for Entrepreneurship. They motivated students that developers first phase of developing begins with testing. Transforming the testing from manual phase to Automation API using Java is the most trending software testing part. The speaker give the glimpses about the software testing tools like Postman, Jeera and ServiceNow. Students get motivated with the session and students were really very interested in the trending tools. The job market is discussed and what level of jobs can be offered is discussed in detailed.
It was a useful and a motivating session. It will help students to shape their career in Software Testing. The lecture ended with a Q&A session in which students posed different queries which were satisfactorily answered.

Organized by: Computer Science and Engineering

Date: 17-6-2023

No. of participants attended: 100

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