Rhythm of Jalatarangam

Rhythm of Jalatarangam

Rhythm of Jalatarangam

Title: Rhythm of Jalatarangam

Chief Guest:. Ashok, Director of Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Regional Office, Hyderabad

Artists:Sri. Nemani Somayajulu, Mr. K. Anil Kumar and Mr. Chandrakant

Description:Indian council for cultural Relations, Regional office, Hyderabad in collaboration with lords Institute of Engineering and Technology has conducted a musical concert “Rhythm of Jaltarangam”, on 9th December 2021 at college campus. The Artists include Mr. Nemani Somayajulu Garu on Jal Tarang, K.Anil Kumar, Lecturer at Thyagaraya Govt College of Music played violin & Chandrakanth Mridangam teaching faculty of University of Hyderabad.
The lightening of the lamp has initiated with a musical chant.
Mrs. Rizwana Begum, Secretary of LIET, Dr. CV Narasimhulu, Principal of LIET, Dr. J . Sasi Kiran, Dean I-year LIET, Dr. Ashok, Director of ICCR, Dr. Altaf Hussain, Director of LIET, Dr. Shaik Shavali, Dean Student Affairs, Dr. Hafeez Basha, Director TBI were present on the occasion.
Dr. Narsimhulu has emphasized the importance of music and its benefits in this stressful life. Music relieves pain, anxiety and boosts memory power. He congratulated the team to have a soul ful journey of music.
Dr. Altaf Hussain, Director of LIET, reminded his college days and the Art Classes / Clubs and requested students to join any club of their aptitude. Dr. Altaf Hussain explained the health benefits of Rhythmic physical movements of the body which are related to arts and their practices. He also appreciated for perseverance in learning the art with discipline where an artist is a highly disciplined as to justify the Art itself by continuous practice and dedication.
Dr. Ashok, Director of Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Govt of India gave a short introduction of the organization and their Activities of Educational, Cultural Exchange program at all over the world countries. More than 1500 students of HCU, JNTU, OU, JNTU participate through ICCR. Dr. Ashok insisted students should take up the art and keep alive of its identity.
Dr. Rizwana madam, Secretary, LIET has applauded the music concert and appreciated the music notes explained by Nemani Somayajulu Garu.
Dr. Shaik Shavali, Dean Student Affairs said the Jal Tarang music is soft and gives a soothing sense and makes a tranquillest of oneself in contrast to Heavy drum and Beat Songs.
Dr. Hafeez Basha, Director of TBI has thanked ICCR for their sincere contributions of Cultural relations at Lords College.
Dr. J. Sashi Kiran congratulated Students and Management for organizing the 1st cultural Event on the start of new academic year a musical note.

Department/Cell: Science & Humanities

Date: 9th December, 2021

Venue: Main Seminar Hall, 4th Floor, Main Block, LIET

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