Seminar on Alumni Talk

Seminar on Alumni Talk

Seminar on Alumni Talk

Type of event: Seminar

Title of the event: Alumni Talk
Resource Person: Mrs. Tulja Shree (Head- JP Morgan chase co., Hyderabad)

Description: The “Alumni Talk” was organized by Computer Science & Engineering on 28th December 2022. A total of 65 students attended this outstanding session to get answers to their questions about placements, further education, certification courses, etc.
The program was organized for one session. The Speaker was Mrs. Tulja Shree (Head- JP Morganchase co., Hyderabad) advised the students to concentrate on their final year project because it accounts for 40 to 60 % of the interview. She clarified several fundamental issues on the Aptitude, Group Discussion, Technical (1 or 2), and HR rounds, and advised students to improve their abilities by obtaining certification or acquiring a higher degree. She also said that Testing and developing test cases, as well as having a firm grasp on one subject are essential.She discussed the significance of college placement and stated that finding a job at a company by ourselves is 2-3 times more difficult. She emphasized the need of strong communication skills and advised that they be improved by visiting YouTube channels.She shared her few interview experiences with the attendees and advised them to be prepared for questions on mathematical and quantitative aptitude. She attempted to relieve the student’s anxiety related to the company’s bond and have shared a few fundamental questions that are asked in every interview and explained how to appropriately cover the responses.Dr. Shaik Shavali Dean and Student affairs and Mr. Shaik Imam Saheb Head of the Department gave a vote of gratitude after the session closed with a Q&A round in which all of the participants were able to express their questions, which were all effectively answered by our speaker.

Organized by : Department of Computer Science and Engineering / Alumni Cell

Date of event: 28-12-2022

No. of students/participants attended: 65

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