Workshop on AI Verse

Workshop on AI Verse

Workshop on AI Verse

Type of the event: Workshop

Title of the event: AI Verse

Resource Persons:

  • Ashish Malla- Streamlit Ambassador, Lead at Hackerabad
  • Syed Omer Shah – SWE Intern at GNYAN.AI
  • Sushant Mishra – Co-Lead at Hackerabad
  • Danish Ahmed – Streamlit Ambassador

Description about the event (50 Words): CodeWave Hub at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology (A) conducted “AI Verse”, an dynamic event featuring a hands-on workshop on January 6, 2024. Engaged and covered essential topics such as Language Model (LLM), Machine Learning for Web (ML for Web), MLOps, and Streamlit.
Our exceptional speakers immersed the participants through practical exercises, providing valuable insights into the latest AI advancements. Proudly partnered with GitHub and Streamlit, AI Verse offered a unique opportunity to stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of technology.

Organized by : CodeWave Hub

Date of event: 06-01-2024

No.of students/participants attended: 40

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