Youth Sports Camp

Youth Sports Camp

Youth Sports Camp

Title of the event: Youth Sports Camp

Chief Guest: Mrs. Rizwana Begum, Secretary – LIET

Department/Cell: Department of Physical Education

Date of event: 10th February to 12th February, 2022

No.of students/participants attended: 800+

Description: Department of Physical Education has organized following events in LIET Campus.This event was only for B.E. 1st Year students which create a healthy environment for the students.We have managed to organize the following 15 games including Indoor and Outdoor
1.Cricket 2. Football 3.Basket ball 4.Volley ball 5. Kabaddi 6.Tug of War 7. Wrestling/Judo 8. Throwball(girls) 9. Kabaddi(girls) 10. Tug of War(girls) 11.Musical chair 12. Table Tennis 13. Chess 14. Carrom 15.Lemen Spoon

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