Workshop on “Competitive Programming”

Workshop on “Competitive Programming”

Workshop on “Competitive Programming”

Type of event : Workshop

Title of event: Workshop on “Competitive Programming”

Description: A one-day Workshop was conducted on “Competitive Programming” by the department of Computer Science and Engineering -Lords college of engineering and technology. This event was conducted at CSE Seminar Hall with students participating. The speakers Dr. Mahaboob Basha Shaik(Professor, GITAMs University) has delivered hands on session about , Python Programming -Competitive concepts, how Lists/Tuples/Sets, Dictionaries differs from each other, solved problems on list comprehension, Built-in functions , modules and described the importance of third -Party modules.
Students understood the importance for Python Programming with Data structure concepts in placements. Students were eager to have similar event in future to have support and career guidance from experts. Students as well as faculty members attended the workshop and appreciated the efforts.

Date : 16-11-2023

Organized by: Computer Science & Engineering

Total Participants: 150

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