Demystifying AI & Data Security

Demystifying AI & Data Security

Demystifying AI & Data Security

Type of the event: Meetup

Title of the event: Demystifying AI & Data Security

Resource Person: Afnan Abdul Vasay, GitHub Campus Expert S.K. Fareeduddin, Head of Technology at CodeWave Hub Mohd Mujahed, Web Administrator at CodeWave Hub Asfia Al Hera, Chief of Operations at CodeWave Hub Maria Fatima Erum, Outreach Specialist at CodeWave Hub

Description of the event (50 Words):
The CodeWave Hub at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology(A) organized a dynamic Meetup focusing on “Demystifying AI & Security” on November 18, 2023. A notable turnout of 200 students enriched the event’s vibrancy. Renowned speakers from the field of CSE-AIML graced the occasion, providing unparalleled insights. The lineup included S.K. Fareeduddin, Mohd Mujahid, Asfia Al Hera, and Maria Erum. Their expertise shed light on the intersection of AI and security, making the event an enriching experience.

Organized by: CodeWave Hub

Date of event: 18 November 2023

No.of students/participants attended: 200

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