FPGA programming for beginners

FPGA programming for beginners

FPGA programming for beginners

Type of the event: Workshop

Title of the event: FPGA programming for beginners

Resource Person: Dr Baladastagiri,, Technical Project Manager, Techfluent solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

Description about the event (50 Words): The Department of ECE at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology(A) conducted a three Days Workshop on FPGA programming for Beginners from 14th – 16th December 2023. A Total of 65 students actively participated in this event. Students got practical knowledge from this event.Dr. Bala, Technical Manager from Techfluent enlightened our students with his knowledge towards programming

Organized by: Electronics & Communication Engineering

Date of event: 14th to 16 December 2023

No.of students/participants attended: 65

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