Services provided to Administration

ICT/ Internet/Infrastructure and Computancy Cell

Services provide to Administration

The ICT Cell at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology is dedicated to facilitating efficient administrative processes through innovative technology solutions and services. Our mission is to empower the administration with the tools needed to streamline operations, improve communication, and enhance overall administrative effectiveness. This document outlines the various services offered to the administration by our ICT Cell.

1. Administrative Software Solutions:

We provide and maintain administrative software applications designed to streamline various administrative functions. These solutions include:

  • Student Information and Attendance System: A comprehensive system for managing student records, course registration, grades, and academic progress tracking, using BEES Software which is a complete Software to interact with students, parents, employers and even to conduct and examinations etc.
  • HR Management System: An integrated platform for managing employee records, payroll, attendance, and recruitment processes.
  • Financial Management Software: Tools for managing budgets, accounting, financial reporting, and procurement.
2.Document Management and Workflow Automation:

Our ICT Cell offers document management systems and workflow automation solutions to digitize administrative processes, reduce paperwork, and enhance document tracking and approval workflows.

3. Communication Tools:

We provide communication tools to facilitate seamless interaction and collaboration among administrative staff. This includes:

  • Email Services: Managing and maintaining email servers and accounts for efficient communication.
  • Intranet Portals: Developing and maintaining intranet portals for internal information sharing and announcements.
  • Video Conferencing: Supporting video conferencing platforms for virtual meetings and communication.
4. Data Analytics and Reporting:

Our services include data analytics and reporting solutions to help administrators make informed decisions. We assist in generating reports and dashboards to monitor and evaluate various aspects of college administration.

5.Network and Security Infrastructure:

We maintain and secure the college’s network infrastructure, ensuring data privacy and safeguarding against cybersecurity threats that could impact administrative operations.

6.Training and Capacity Building:

Regular workshops and training sessions are conducted for administrative staff to enhance their digital literacy, proficiency in administrative software, and overall ICT skills.

7.Helpdesk Support:

Our helpdesk is available to provide technical assistance to administrative staff, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted administrative operations.

8. ICT Policy Development and Compliance:

We work with administrative leaders to develop and enforce ICT policies and procedures that align with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

9. Technology Business Incubator (TBI):

It is registered as a Section-8 company (non-profit) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. It is basically help students to become entrepreneurs and to have start-ups.

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10. Campus Network Control Centre (CNCC):

The main objective of CNCC is to provide internet and intranet services 24X7 in LIET. It is providing Wi-Fi services in the campus.

Apart from internet and intranet services CNCC is also managing and maintaining

  • Computer systems, Projectors, Printers and Xerox
  • CC Cameras
  • Bio-metric Devices

CNCC has 5 dedicated supporting staff to resolve any type of issues related to internet services, intranet services, computers, printers, CC Cameras and Bio-metric devices.

CNCC of LORDS is connected to 3 ISP’s 5 internet connections with a total Bandwidth of 2.4 Gbps.Our entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. All Students and Faculty can have access to the Internet through Wi-Fi. The process of Wi-Fi access is as follows:

  • For students: User ID is: Roll No. and Password is: DoB
  • For Faculty: Unique User ID and Password: DoB.

The ICT Cell at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology is committed to enhancing administrative efficiency and effectiveness through a wide range of technology services and resources. Our objective is to empower the administration to focus on strategic decision-making and deliver a superior administrative experience to support the institution’s overall mission.

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