Services to Teaching Learning Process

ICT/ Internet/Infrastructure and Computancy Cell

Services provide to Teaching Learning Process

The ICT Cell at Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology is dedicated to enhancing the teaching and learning experience through innovative technology solutions and services. Our commitment to empowering educators and students with cutting-edge tools and support is integral to our mission. This document highlights the various services offered by the ICT Cell to enrich the teaching and learning process.

  • Technical Support: Aiding faculty and students in navigating and troubleshooting Learning Management System LMS-related issues.
  • E-Learning Resources: To facilitate a dynamic and interactive learning environment, we provide access to a wide range of e-learning resources, including:
  • Digital Libraries: Offering access to an extensive collection of e-books, journals, research papers, and multimedia resources.

    Educational Software: Making available software applications and tools that enhance the learning experience and support academic coursework.

    Online Assessment Tools: We offer online assessment platforms and tools to enable faculty to create and administer quizzes, tests, and assignments digitally. These tools allow for automated grading, providing timely feedback to students.

    Virtual Labs and Simulations: For engineering and science programs, we facilitate virtual labs and simulations that enable students to conduct experiments and explore concepts in a virtual environment, promoting hands-on learning.

    Video Conferencing and Webinars: We provide access to video conferencing platforms and support the hosting of webinars and virtual lectures, enabling remote learning and collaboration among faculty and students.

    Multimedia Production and Editing: Our ICT Cell helps in multimedia content creation, editing, and production. This service supports the development of engaging and interactive learning materials.

    ICT-Enabled Classrooms (Smart/ e-class rooms): We equip classrooms with modern teaching aids, including projectors, interactive whiteboards, and audio-visual equipment to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

    Technical Workshops and Training: Regular workshops and training sessions are conducted for faculty members to keep them updated on the latest educational technology trends and best practices.

    Technical Support Desk: Our helpdesk is available to provide technical assistance to faculty and students. Whether it’s resolving hardware or software issues or offering guidance on using ICT tools, we are here to help.

    Lords Studio: In addition to the regular Classrooms, Studio facility is provided to the Faculties to record their Video Lectures and can be uploaded on our website and in YouTubes and other Social Media so that students from anywhere they will be able to watch and get benefited out of them which in turn help in improving the quality of teaching learning process.

 A great way to integrate new content and Academic learning giving students the opportunity to learn about a whole range of subjects and ideas through Copyright educational videos.  

Our goal is to empower faculty and students with the tools they need to excel in their academic and research pursuits, foster innovation in teaching methodologies, and create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.


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