Tech Trivia

Tech Trivia

Tech Trivia

Title of the event : Tech Trivia

Description: Tech Trivia, organized by LIET IEEE Student Branch, was a successful event consisting of three quiz rounds to test participants’ technical knowledge and skills.
Activities and Rounds:
Round 1: 10 MCQs in the field of technology with a 10-minute time limit.
Round 2: Rapid-fire round with 6 teams answering 5 questions in 15 seconds each.
Round 3: Word search puzzle with 3 teams finding 15 correct words out of 24.
Appreciation Certificates: Awarded to winners for outstanding performance.
Certificates of Participation: Given to all participants.
Feedback: Positive feedback received from participants and judges, praising the engaging and competitive environment.
Conclusion: Tech Trivia, organized by LIET IEEE Student, was a successful event where students showcased their technical knowledge through three quiz rounds. We thank the Branch Counselor, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, IEEE team, and all participants for their contributions.

Organized by: LIET IEEE Student Branch

Date: 23rd June 2023

Venue: CSE Seminar Hall

No. of Participants: 50 students

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